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Poems by Nancy Duci Denofio.



new york subway men in white mta


new york subway woman


Subway Emergency Evacuation Information in New York subway. Man sleeping


Man reading book in New York subway iPod


Musician in New York subway MTA


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Men lean on steal
as if it were their
strength - wait
to take a train -
from Coney Island
to - no where, it's
written on their
face's, it's how they
stand. . .

But, men in white
"New Yorks Best"

The man to the left
works out - at a gym
wears a gold watch
and he smiles - with
a proud grin.

The man to the right
waits patiently for
a call, his phone hooked
at his waist -
to tell him where to go.

Two women, not "girl - friends"
but New York City strangers
ride the subway
one reads
one dreams
one ignores
one absorbs.

Above another, directions
"How to Evacuate"
a man sleeps...
behind him -
"Don't worry about debt..."
he sleeps.
Rides a subway - all day
works the streets at night.

The new way
and, the old way home.
One person reads a book,
and his ipod is on as
music enters through
his ear, one person -
two hemispheres of a

And the man with his guitar
he once had dreams of
playing to a different -
Still - he entertains...
eyes covered in dark glasses
his vision failing
his face slim
a beard growing - as his music
never ending.
This group - on the MTA
are New York workers wearing
the color blue...
"Off Track Betting" no one leaves the MTA
not those in blue.
One reads the news - she reports
it some where - some place
even if in her mind...
Two in front, linger - no specific
place to go,
behind them - the one in blue
probably works in a retail store...
The oldest women in the front,
she's hoping she is on the MTA.