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Maneshwara´s Family

Mother with child in her lap, beautiful eyes both look very happy, India Kudle


child sleeping on the floor India Kudle
Please roll over, to see the photo that was taken a few moments after this foto was taken, with the camera that the father is looking through.


Silhouette of farmer in Kudle India


Maneshwara, smiling. A happy farmer in Kudle India

Maneshwara´s family - Sukuru´s family

Westerners visiting




The small village of Kudle, in the state of Karnataka, was unknown by westerners when I arrived there in -87. I made friends with some of the local people and learned to speak some of the local language Kannara.

When I returned to Kudle during the following years I gave to my new Indian friends photos which I had taken during the previous visit.

Some of the farmers had never before seen a photo of themselves. Today Kudle is a well known resort for budget travellers from the west.