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Harry Peronius is the author of the following books:

Book: Digital photography for everybody

"Digital photography for everyone" 2005


Book: How to use your Macintosh   Book: how to use your Macintosh - upgrade   Lär dig använda din Mac, Mac OS X Leopard   Lär dig använda din Mac, Mac OS X Snow Leopard
"Learn to use your Macintosh" 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010.


Book: iLife

"iLife" 2006

The books are in Swedish and published by the Swedish publisher Docendo (



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- 2009 First Place at the Annual Exhibit of The National Arts Program, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

- 2008 Open exhibition. Broadway Mall Community Center, New York City.

- 2007 Mug Shots, Portraits of Angie, who lived in a Single Room Occupancy hotel, was transgender and had AIDS. Angie died in the spring 2007. Broadway Mall Community Center, New York City.

- 2007 Around The Town, Street photography from Manhattan. The Office of Manhattan Borough President.

- 2007 Noir et Blanc. Portraits of wrinkly faces and hands. Broadway Mall Community Center, New York City.

- 1995 Photo exhibition Young-95, Youth fair in Gävle. "Behind the Curtains of Death".

-1995 Photo exhibition Hands at Cafe Engel, Helsinki art fair. "Art goes Kapakka".

- 1995 - 1996 Nordic museum in Stockholm. Slide show "Behind the Curtains of Death".

- 1994 Photo exhibition at the Medical Fair in Älvsjö. "Behind the Curtains of Death".

- 1992 Beckomberga hospital 60 year celebration. Exhibition and pictures for the memorial book.

- 1989 Fotograficentrum in Örebro.

- 1989 International Salon in Tartu, Estonia. "Women in photographic art".

- 1988 Final photo exhibition at Nordens Fotoskola. (Images from the Shiva Temple in Gokarna, India.)

- 1988 Photo exhibition in the Shiva temple in Gokarna, India.

- 1986 Photo exhibition "Vivahteita" ("Distinctions") at Photo Cafe Kestinlehto. Helsinki.

- 1986 Photo exhibition "Prague" at Nordens Fotoskola.

- 1986 Nordic museum. "Everyday pictures". Photo essay from the Stockholm Subway.

- 1985 Photo exhibition at the Old Student´s House in Helsinki, Finland. "Pictures from Nepal".

- 1984 Photo exhibition at Cafe Lucas, Hölö. "Pictures from Nepal".

- 1988 & 1990 "Planket" outdoor photo exhibition in Västerås.

- 1984, -86, -88, -90 "Planket" outdoor photo exhibition in Stockholm.




I have photographed extensively in the USA, India and Sweden. I have also lots of pictures from China, Nepal and other Asian countries. My photography is mostly documentary.

During many years I have been teaching Digital photography, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash as well as traditional photography.


Artist´s grants

- 97 Artist´s Board of Stockholm city.
- 91 Swedish Artist´s Board. (Sveriges Bildkonstnärsnämnd).


Schools and courses

- Interactive Media. Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm. -98.
- Multimedia production. -97
- Internet course. -97
- Basic desktop technique for photographers. GrafoMedia. -93
- Visual communication. Konstfack art school. -92 - -93
- Nordens fotoskola. (Documentary photography school) -85 - -88


Other photographic projects

- 95 Promoter and assistant on the film "Våga tala om döden". ("Dare to talk about death.")  Produced by LMC Media Center. Director: Göran Setterberg.
- 91 Photos for the memorial book "Bara barnet -tio år med RFFR"
- 92 Beckomberga hospital. "A 60 Year Celebration". Pictures for the memorial book.
- 94 Photos for the book "Den sista tjänsten" ("The last service") by Charlotte Reimerson.




Some artists have been inspired by my photos and used them to creat their own art. Here are a few examples.


Reproduction by: Diaz Martinez, from original photo by Harry Peronius
Artist: Diaz Martinez

Original photo

Man with big eye glasses and a green hat drinking coffee


Reproduction by: Priya Sridevi, from original photo by Harry Peronius
Artist: Priya Sridevi



Reproduction by Jean-Marie Pen, from original phtos by Harry Peronius
Artist: Jean-Marie Pen



Reproduction by: Chandra Marks, from origianal photo by Harry Peronius
Artist: Chandra Marks


The original photo:

wrinkly woman with great eyes and a happy face India Manali




Reproduction by: Andrew McGowan, from  original photo by Harry Peronius
Artist: Andrew McGowan


The original photo:

Wrinkly face Helsinki Finland







Copyright infringement

With stunning arrogance somebody has stolen two of my photos and is selling them on the website The company has the guts to put their watermark on my photos! They even protect the photo from beeing copied.

Stolen photo Copyright infringement by Zazzle


Stolen photo Copyright infringement by Zazzle

The original photo:

bald wrinkly face in India






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