new york usa face street documentary photography manhattan

Poems by Nancy Duci Denofio.

two men sit on a car next to mural of Madonna or Marilyn Monroe usv boys girls red blond albino

bride laying on the sidewalk, two women watching, wedding naked backs

construction workers taking a brake on a huge crane with american flag painted on the big wrecking ball with hook

young boy playing chess with african american man union square new york near subway

times square woman standing next to ads sun burnt tan sensual dramatic

blond woman with big tits walking on crossing, boobs big woman white hair

man sleeping on a statue in strauss park upper west side sleep rest

woman standing in harlem at night with red balloons holding iron railing




So, tell me - where did you find
the cash to purchase a hummer?
Protecting Maddona, one for each -
And, who are you staring at?

Are they laughing at the bride
laying on the sidewalk, as a man
places a pillow behind her head...

Two wrecking balls
one painted with the
American flag - three
men - tired of destroying
what is left of life.

Look at the people
lingering at Union Square...
Generations sit together
eat prinkles - smoke -
play chess.
A man in yellow watches
as a child bites their nails,
knowing how to win -
eyes of a child stare
at the older generation -
to study his face.

This is where I live
near the Pepsi sign
near the Empire State Building
near crowds of people on
Broadway, I am me, I am them...
reading billboards, in a hurry.
Someone told me, "Once -
a cigarette burned - puffed
smoke above broadway..."

The man on the right,
he's talk'in to his wife -
some people listen, but
most don't give a damn.
The woman on the left
wearing a red coat - she's
in a hurry - going shopping
but split in half by the lady
in white - taking up space
dividing friends... on the

And, it's the Upper West
Side of the City... where
he sleep in light, near a
goddess - thinking.

A wind blows east, it's Harlem
Lanterns of red balls float
east - in unison.
Tied to rough iron rails
and old dilapitated chairs,
and the hostess poses
while she waits for a party
to begin on Harlem Streets.