A happy undertaker holding the arm of a dead person


A shroud is a cloth used to wrap a corpse for burial. Undertakers use ready-made shrouds unless the family wants to use their own clothes. To use their own clothes is not that common in Sweden.

An undertaker and a bald dead man

The undertaker on the photos was very pleased with these shots. He thought these picture should be in my exhibition. Many people are prejudiced against undertakers. Jörgen has a wife, three kids and a job he likes.

Most of the people who work with funerals stay a long time in the trade.

The undertaker closing the coffin with the lid

It may be difficult for others to understand how somebody is able to work daily so close to death.

As an undertaker you can´t get emotionally involved in the grief of the family.

One undertaker told me that it is hard to take care of dead children. There are undertakers who prefere not to shroud children.

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