Coffin with flowers is carried to the crematorium, two hearses



Every year about 95.000 people die in Sweden. 67% out of these are cremated. In larger cites the percentage is even higher. In Stockholm about 93 % of the deceased are cremated.
There are more than twenty crematoria in Sweden.
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Coffins to be cremated. The flowers have been removed


The flowers on the coffin are supported by metal wires. These have to be removed before the cremation. Even funeral wreaths and bouquets surrounding the coffin during the funeral act are removed into a container. Some churches have a tradition to place the wreaths outside the church. If the relatives wish, the flowers are taken to the grave.


Coffin in front of the incinerator


In order to be able to identify the ashes, a fireproof number plate is placed on the front part of the coffin. The plate goes to the incinerator with the coffin. Even plates made of aluminum are used. These would melt, so they are placed next to the incinerator door on the opposite side.


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