Woman with red hair painting her mother´s coffin red

To arrange the funeral yourself.

Few people know that you may arrange all of the funeral yourself, if you wish. However you are not allowed to take care of the cremation or to dig the grave. Neither are the relatives allowed to be present during the interment in a memorial park.

According to the funeral law in Sweden the funeral should be performed in a reverent and worthy way. The relatives are free to do the funeral according to their wishes and the wishes of the deceased. A relative or a friend may perform the funeral act.

Sometimes funerals are performed out in nature. The interment takes place later.

It is also possible to abstain from the funeral ceremonies completely.

Granddaughter painting grandmother´s coffin red If you wish to, you may paint the coffin yourself, or decorate it in a personal way.
Daughter and granddaughter standing next to the red painted coffin, cleaning their hands


Self painted red coffin, daughter, granddaughter and an undertaker standing next to the coffin


Granddaughter with Coca Cola can in her hands watching the red coffin, black herse in the background  

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