A board by the Memorial grove

Memorial grove

A Memorial grove is an anonymous grave where the ashes are either scattered or buried in an area in the cemetery.


The text on the board in English:


The purpose of the Memorial Gorve is to bury or scatter ashes after a deceased person.

Set foot only upon the paved areas.

Ashes are scattered in the Memorial grove


The ashes are either buried under the grass or scattered in a grove. Ashes are never scattered on snow.

To be able to cope with one´s grief it might be important for some people to visit a grave. By the grave you might get in touch with your feelings. Therefore it´s very important to consider if a memorial grove is the right choice.

Ashes on a fern


The relatives are not allowed to be present when the ashes are scattered or buried in a Memorial grove. The date of interment is not secret however. The personnel at the cemetery or crematorium is taking care of the interment.

The idea behind a Memorial grove is anonymity. Nobody should know where the ashes are buried.

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