All saints day. Candles on the cemetery


Cemeteries and
tomb stones

About 95.000 people die each year in Sweden. 64% of them are cremated.

All Saints Day at Bromma cemetery.

Urn grove at Lidingö cemetery


Urn grove at Lidingö cemetery.
Two sisters by the urn grave of their mother. A priest in white gown standing by I had arrived to photograph when two sisters were going to bury their mother. Whilst preparing to photograph the lowering of the urn I asked the sisters about who is going to do this.
Both of the sisters became confused by my question. "Are we allowed to lower the urn?", the sisters asked surprised.

Interment of the urn. Two sisters lowering the urn of their mother. A priset in white gown standing by


Most of us don´t think of the possibility of relatives taking part in the funeral ceremonies.

Who would be more appropriate for lowering the urn of a parent, than the children?

Interment of a casket in the winter with snow on the ground


Engraving of a tomb stone Engravement of the tomb stone.

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